Custom Clearance Services


Customs can be a very difficult and sensitive issues amongst most imports and exporters. Oftenly, distracting companies from their day to day routines. As we all know, small mistakes in this field can be costly and potentially threatening to an organisation. In light of this, we are pleased to provide services that would ensure comfort and safety of our customers goods and alleviate them of the hassles involved in the different customs processes: allowing our customers to focus on more important aspects of their business. 

Customs Clearance Services include: 

  • Expedited clearance and documentation for both Air and Sea shipments. 
  • Tax and Duty calculations 
  • Hazardous Materials handling and clearance.
  • Special Circumstance / REDRESS issues 
  • Door to Door handling
  • Understand and Licensing assistance for Importation or Export of Goods. 
  • Handle issuance of C/O Forms, LPBC etc
  • Redline (Customs Inspection) handling
  • Assist with applications of special import permits of importers


Cullen Global Logistics International customers are served by a Global Logistics Network, and by worldwide offices and distribution facilities staffed by dedicated teams of experts.

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