Supply Chain Management Services

  • Warehouses 
  • Distributions 
  • Packing, Sorting, Labeling, Inspection 
  • Order keeping & Order Processing 
  • Inventory & Materials Management 
  • Valuable Goods Transportation 
  • Stock Analysis 
  • Tailored solutions 
  • Coordination of global cargo flows 
  • Procurement and vendor management 
  • Management of intercontinental connections 
  • Value added service, such as insurance and customs clearance

Duty rates, customs clearance, and entry processes differ from country to country. 
Tariff classifications, value declaration, and duty management can create confusion and increase costs. 
Customs and security initiatives have imposed new regulations on companies that make it more challenging than ever to trade internationally. 
Our customs clearance experts produce compliant entries time after time, moving your shipments through customs efficiently and minimizing delays. 


Cullen Global Logistics International customers are served by a Global Logistics Network, and by worldwide offices and distribution facilities staffed by dedicated teams of experts.

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