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    We use the five-step process for guiding the implementation of lean techniques.


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Cullen Global Logistics International customers are served by a Global Logistics Network, and by worldwide offices and distribution facilities staffed by dedicated teams of experts.

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Cullen Global Logistics International : Putting Customers First!

As a way to further expand our grasp on the Global Market, Cullen Global Logistics International is now part of the CGLI Network:

Just another way of improving our products to serve all of your needs

Signs That Your Service Can Improve

  • You frequently experience missed schedules
  • Inability to practice flexibility or customization
  • You frequently receives enquiries regarding orders that have not been delivered
  • Unable to track shipments
  • Experience difficulties communicating with your chosen forwarder

These are just a few of the areas that will cause your customer frustration.

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Keeping Customers Satisfied

Ask yourself this question: What keeps customers loyal to forwarders?

Answer: An informed customer with a reliable solution to their problems will keep a customer loyal to you.

A frustrated customer will not stay a loyal customer. Shortfalls in the logistics side of business will cause lost revenue in sales and increased operational costs. As such, keeping our customers satisfied and tailoring our product for them is one of our top priorities.

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5 Critical Areas of Logistics

  • Documentation
  • Preparation
  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • Execution

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